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House Rules of the Fitness Facility



In the BASTION Residence housing estate the fitness room designated as ÜA1 which is located at 30 Szalag Street, ground floor No. 2, Budapest 1011, is operated by the owner of the unit, the BASTION Residence Kft. (Registered office: 2 Királyhágó Street, Budapest 1126).

The purpose of these house rules is to define the basic rules that are necessary for the safe, proper operation of the fitness room, for the preservation of its condition, assuring its high-quality operation. In addition, the house rules prescribe behavioral expectations serving the undisturbed sports and recreational activities of any person authorized to use the room.

The house rules of the fitness room are mandatory for all persons staying in the fitness room and using the services of the fitness room.

Entering the fitness room constitutes accepting the house rules.

The present house rules of the fitness room will be posted in the fitness room, and it can also be accessed and reviewed on the website www.bastionresidence.hu.

The fitness room operated by the BASTION Residence Kft. is a private fitness room, which can only be accessed and used by persons renting or using the properties owned by BASTION Residence Kft. in the BASTION Residence housing estate.

Access to the fitness room is provided by the electronic access cards (proxies), which are distributed to eligible persons in the BASTION Residence housing estate to provide free movement. Proxy rights are assigned by the Operator. Proxy usage data is managed by The BASTION Residence Condominium. The data management and data protection regulations of the Condominium can be found on the official notice board of the Condominium, or upon request the Operator will make it available to the person using the fitness room. The Operator handles the data of the persons using the fitness room only in connection with the legal relationship originating from the lease agreements, it does not keep separate records on the usage of the fitness room.

Children under the age of 14 can stay in the fitness room with parental supervision but may not use the services of the fitness room. Children under the age of 18 may use the services of the fitness room only with parental supervision or on the basis of a written parental permit submitted to the Operator in advance.

Persons entitled to use the fitness room are not allowed to take guests to the fitness room, but are entitled to admit a personal trainer to the fitness room from time to time in order to supervise and conduct their own training session. The training session conducted by the personal trainer must not prevent or restrict any other person authorized to use the fitness room from using the room! BASTION Residence Kft. does not take any responsibility for the activities of the personal trainer, for any injuries or damages caused during or because of the training session. With regard to training, the legal relationship is established exclusively between the personal trainer and the person hiring the personal trainer.

Using the fitness room is free of charge for eligible persons.

The person using the fitness room acknowledges that the fitness room is operated without staff or trainer, where each person enters the facilities and uses the equipment and machines there at their own risk.

By using the services of the fitness room, the person using the fitness room declares that he / she uses the fitness room premises, machines and equipment only in accordance with their purpose, at their own risk, and is in good health and the Operator is not liable for any injuries, health problems or accidents occurring in the fitness room.

In the event of an accident or injury in the fitness, you can call the following telephone numbers for assistance:

Emergency Hotline         112

Ambulance                    104

Fire Department             105

Police                           107

Security Portal               +36706259547

Residence Manager        +36706259545

The Operator of the fitness room is not responsible for the objects or equipment brought into the fitness room, being lost or stolen.

The fitness room is open 365 days a year:

Monday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Electronic access cards will only open the door of the fitness room from the outside during the above periods. After 9 pm, the Operator’s staff will check to see if anyone is in the room. After the opening hours, the staff of the Operator is obliged to ensure the departure of the persons still in the fitness room.

Maximum numbers:

Due to its capacity, the fitness room can accommodate 5 people at a time.

The staff members of the Operator are entitled to check the operation and usage of the fitness room and the number of users at any time.

The fitness room is cleaned only on weekdays from 08:00 to 09:00. There is no cleaning service on weekends and public holidays.

All persons using the fitness room are obliged to drop off the found items at the security reception of the BASTION Residence.

The user of the fitness room is fully responsible for any damage caused to the room, equipment or other equipment by him or the person he is admitted to the fitness room.

The person using the fitness room may not violate the applicable legal regulations, as well as the rules described in these house rules and in the House Rules of the Condominium.

Persons using the fitness room are obliged to maintain order and cleanliness, respect for the other guests and cultured behavior are basic expectations.

The gym area can only be entered in sports equipment that is suitable for the sports activity that can be performed in the gym. Street shoes are not allowed in the gym. Street shoes should be replaced with training shoes in the anteroom. Usage of the fitness room is not allowed barefoot, in socks or slippers.

Due to the fact, that the services of the fitness room can only be accessed by the persons living in the building, the Operator does not provide separate changing rooms or lockers for changing clothes. Changing to appropriate clothing and storing street clothing should be handled by fitness room users on their own properties. In the anteroom of the fitness room, one can only take off and store street shoes and hang a jacket or similar outerwear.

In particular, as the fitness room is not staffed, the usage of towels is mandatory in order to maintain hygiene and a pleasant environment. Persons using the fitness room are also asked to disinfect the machines and equipment with the disinfectant solution and paper towels in the fitness room after use, and also to use trash cans to get rid of the paper towels.

Persons using the fitness room are obliged to leave the machines and equipment after using them in their root position. The user is obliged to put the hand weights and discs back in place after use. It is strictly forbidden to drop dumbbells on the floor.

Drinks can only be brought into the fitness room in a resealable plastic bottle!

If the person using the fitness room notices a fault in the machines, the equipment or the room itself, we kindly ask them to report it to the Residence Manager or the Security Portal as soon as possible.

In the fitness room it is forbidden:

– to allow any animal into the facilities;

– to take meals;

– to smoke and to consume alcohol;

– to rearrange or regroup machines and equipment;

– to take out any equipment from the fitness room for any reason;

– to pursue an activity that is outside the activity of the fitness room, is against the law or violates public morals;

– to pursue any activity that disturbs others, involves loud noise, odors or other environmental damage;

– to use or abuse of drugs, illicit doping substances, narcotics;

– to enter with any dangerous substance or object;

– to engage in commercial activities, advertising, propaganda, placing flyers, prohibited gambling, music services without the permission of the Operator;

– to use video and audio recording equipment;

– to pursue any political activity.

In case of violation of the regulations of these house rules or the generally accepted rules of conduct, the Operator may issue a warning to the offender, in case of failure, the Operator is entitled to call the person using the fitness room to leave or to exclude this person from using the fitness room – temporarily or permanently. In cases exceeding the Operator’s right to take action, the Operator is entitled to request the assistance of the police or other authorities. The expelled person being at fault may not make any claim against the Operator.

These house rules may be modified or supplemented at the Operator’s sole discretion.

Not being familiar with these house rules does not exempt anyone from complying with it!