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The House Rules of Bastion


BASTION Residence


The purpose of the House Rules is, in accordance with Act CXXXIII of 2003 on Condominiums, to lay down those rules, which guarantee, that the occupants of BASTION Residence Condominium use their apartments, and the rooms for other purposes that belong to them, and the co-owned rooms, under peaceful and safe circumstances. Furthermore, the House Rules lay down all those basic rules which are related to the operation of stores within the condominium pertaining to the BASTION Residence Condominium.


The provisions of the House Rules shall be applied during the entire term of the existence of the Condominium.

The General Meeting is entitled to modify the House Rules by way of application of the principles laid down in the Deed of Foundation, and the regulations of the Rules of Organization and Operation.


The House Rules lay down the usage rules for privately owned and used apartments and for rooms for non-residential purposes, and specifies the rules to be applied pertaining to the common areas and parts of the building.

Common areas, primarily internal and external lobby areas of the BASTION Residence Condominium (in particular the hall, foregrounds, staircases, elevators, corridors, other rooms for passage ways inside the building including passage ways at garage floors), as well as the sidewalks around the building and the driveway.

Leisure areas

Leisure areas refer to the green area garden of building “A” at Szalag Street 30.

Staff rooms, storage rooms, waste collector, and technical rooms

Staff change rooms and the toilets belonging thereto, offices, storerooms, technical rooms are common property areas, but due to their special function are closed away from common use. Technical room refers to all areas closed away from the public, to where, due to security reasons, only professional technical staff may enter. The appropriate use of such rooms is controlled by the community of co-proprietors through the Common Representative.

Parking floors, storage rooms

The parking stalls and the closed storage rooms that are accessible from building “A” at Szalag Street 30., and can be found at the ground floor and the 1st floor of building “A”, are integral parts of the BASTION Residence Condominium.

The House Rules specify the rules pertaining to the parking floors and the parking stalls and also define the rules in relation to the usage of the storage rooms on the parking floors.


Compliance with the House Rules is mandatory for all persons residing temporarily or permanently in the residential buildings of the BASTION Residence Condominium. Accordingly, the House Rules apply to:

the occupants, in particular to:

          the co-proprietors,

          the actual users of the apartments, storages, parking stalls, stores (whether they are tenants or users under another title),

          the cohabitants, and guests of the actual users.

the workers, in particular to:

          the employees of the actual users and the workers acting on behalf of them whether permanently or temporarily (contractors, agents, etc.),

          the Common Representative and the workers, employees, subcontractors of the Condominium.

The House Rules apply to persons entering the territory of the BASTION Residence Condominium due to reasons of protection of persons and property or due to other public interest on an ad hoc basis (doctor, ambulance, police, fire fighters, other officials) in as much as the House Rules do not interfere with the mandatory provisions of the laws (or the other rules pertaining to the relevant profession) that are to be applied to the persons executing such duties.


5.1 General provisions

The maintenance of the cleanliness of the area of the BASTION Residence Condominium is the common interest of the occupants.

All persons under the scope of the House Rules shall observe the general provisions of the House Rules pertaining to cleanliness.

The Janitor controls and organizes the observance of the rules pertaining to the provisions of cleanliness, and also controls and organizes the cleaning activity.

For the maintenance of the perfect cleanliness, upon the mandate of the Common Representative to the Janitor, the Janitor shall have the Rules of Waste Management made in which further detailed provisions shall be set out.

5.2. The obligation of the Janitor

5.2.1. The Janitor has the cleaning of the residential building performed by a subcontractor, or by employees of own workforce (hereinafter referred to as: cleaners).

5.2.2. The cleaning must be performed in compliance with the provisions of the public healthcare legislation in force.

The cleaners manage the waste containers at the doors of the staircases, in which waste generated at the area of BASTION Residence Condominium is disposed. The cleaners ensure the regular removal and transport of the waste and the disinfection of the waste containers.

5.2.3. The Janitor ensures that the cleaners perform their work according to the subcontractor agreement, or according to the instructions of the employer and in compliance with the provisions of the House Rules and the Rules of Waste Management.

5.3. The cleaning order of the common area of the Condominium

5.3.1. The cleaners shall perform their duty according to a predefined working schedule ensuring the permanent cleanliness of the Condominium and satisfying the high standard requirements of the occupants towards the Condominium.

5.3.2. The cleaning of the common internal and external areas of the BASTION Residence Condominium shall be scheduled in such a manner that it shall not disturb the peace of the occupants. In view of this, the Rules of Cleaning and Waste Management specifies the cleaning works by daily occasions, by occasions regarding a specific time of the day, and also by weekly and monthly occasions as well as by occasions regarding seasons and weather.

5.4. The obligations of the occupants

5.4.1. The occupants shall strive to keep the Condominium clean. On working days the occupants shall dispose of the waste generated in the apartments and in the stores by placing them to the place designated for this purpose in such a manner that the cleaners shall be able to collect them. On weekends and on public holidays they shall place them to the nearest waste collector in the staircase. Care shall be taken to ensure that while the waste is taken to the waste collector no pieces of waste shall remain, and traces of waste must not appear on the common areas.

On workdays between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. the occupants shall place the waste in a closed plastic bag to the place designated for this purpose in the common corridors, from where the cleaners shall take the closed bags to the waste collectors.

5.4.2. It is prohibited to:

          shake out carpet, clean shoes, etc. in the corridors, staircases, or at the foreground of the elevator,

          place household waste to the corridor, to the staircase, or at the foreground of the elevator, except for the designated places and designated times,

          throw away stubs, flyers, tissues, etc.,

          throw out objects or to dump liquids out of the building,

          store or collect waste in the storage area or in the area of the parking stalls at the parking floors.

5.4.3. The removal of all kind of pollution related to the remodeling, renewal, technical maintenance of the apartments and stores is the duty of the occupant who has the renewal or the maintenance work performed, or the duty of the subcontractor performing the work. In the course of such works no pollution shall be left in the common areas.

5.4.4 Plants may only be kept and taken care of in the windows, balconies, loggias and terraces without disturbing others.

5.4.5. Having pets shall not entail the pollution of the common areas and the spread of insects.

5.5. Waste management

5.5.1 The BASTION Residence Condominium performs the waste collection in accordance with the provisions of the authorities. The Janitor is in charge of the disposal and the transportation of the waste collected in the central waste collectors.

5.5.2 All stores (including the ones performing retail, service, office or banking activities) shall manage hazardous waste in compliance with the applicable provisions of the laws in force.


6.1. Remodeling, renewal and other technical works

For the protection of the uniform technical system of the BASTION Residence Condominium and for the safety of the occupants, in all cases the prior written consent of the Common Representative is needed for the technical works that are to be performed on the apartments, on the rooms used for non-residential purposes, or on the external parts of the building of the privately owned real property.

Technical works, also including minor repairs that are not to be considered as remodeling or renewal, may only be performed at the written request of the actual user of the apartment or room in question (request for permission for work) and with the written permission issued by the Common Representative.

Before beginning technical works the Common Representative shall be contacted. The Common Representative shall have the design documentation of all apartments and rooms used for non-residential purposes, and in the request for permission for work the following shall be specified:

          the exact technical content of the planned works,

          the starting and the termination date,

          the persons performing the work,

          if some of the works may entail restrictions in the public utility services the exact time and content thereof.

The Common Representative may only authorize the technical intervention if it is in conformity with the technical system of the residential building.

If technical design documentation is also needed for the work, the Common Representative shall also previously authorize it, and the starting and the termination date shall be announced.

If for the technical works, such as remodeling or renewal, in addition to the authorization of the Common Representative, authorization from the relevant authority is also needed, works shall only be performed in compliance with the legal architectural provisions and according to the provisions of the authorities and with the approval of the authorities pertaining to the relevant work, and it shall be performed according to such approval.

Authorization of the Common Representative shall in no case replace the approval of the authorities.

The construction contractor shall have valid liability insurance, which shall be demonstrated to the Common Representative before the onset of the works.

The Common Representative may control that the authorized technical works are performed according to the plan, and in case of any deviation the Common Representative is obliged to conciliate with the construction contractor. If the conciliation has no result, the Common Representative informs the client of the works and the competent authorities of the deviation.

The works may only be performed at the time authorized by the Common Representative and with respect to the interest and the peace of the other occupants.

The construction contractor shall notify the Common Representative of the completion of the work, which the Common Representative is entitled to verify.

The built-in equipment of the apartments require seasonal maintenance work, according to the relevant instructions of the manufacturer and in a manner specified therein. The maintenance works shall only be performed by a company with liability insurance covering such works, and by the professionals of such company. A permission for work as specified above is needed for the maintenance too.

6.2. Technical Operation

The Common Representative for the activities related to the operation of the technical equipment, on the one hand engages a maintenance personal with the necessary expertise employed by the Condominium (Janitor), on the other hand, engages subcontractors with adequate reference, based on a separate contract. The personal performing works based on such contract shall perform their duties according to the relevant contracts and the House Rules.

The Janitor and the professional maintenance companies perform the following duties in relation to the technical operation of the BASTION Residence Condominium:

  1. a) the operation and maintenance of the technical building system of the common areas, such as the operation of the central support of water, wastewater, gas, electricity, operation of central cooling and heating systems and the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system,
  2. b) the operation and maintenance of the central electricity equipment, lightning arrestors, distributions and sub-distributions and switchboard devices,
  3. c) the provision and operation of safety technology equipment (fire detector, entry alarm, security lighting, fire estinguising network),
  4. d) the maintenance of both external and internal common parts of the building,
  5. e) the operation of central waste storage and collectors,
  6. f) the operation and maintenance of elevators with common area,
  7. g) the operation and maintenance of gardening equipment connected to the common areas of the building and its immediate surroundings,
  8. h) the operation of garage entry system.

7.1. Guarding and protection and security

7.1.1. Security service: based on a separate contract concluded by the Common Representative, the guarding and protection is ensured by a subcontractor with an adequate expertise, or by a worker employed directly by the BASTION Residence Condominium possessing the professional qualifications and the necessary licenses of the authorities (hereinafter referred to as: security service).

The security service performs its duty according to the provisions of the relevant legislation pertaining to its activity of personal and property protection and according to the contract concluded by the security service, in accordance with the provisions of the House Rules.

7.1.2.Security personnel ensure the peace and safety of the occupants by their 24 hour presence and activity in the common areas in the form of reception services. Their duties include:

          to ensure the entrance and the exit of the occupants and to prevent the entrance of unauthorized persons,

          to control the entitlement of all personal movement, with the exception of the occupants,

          to inform by phone the occupants of the guests arriving to them (except the stores). Guests may only pass with the prior authorization of the occupant or their authorization by phone,

          the security of common areas shall be controlled by personal presence and by surveillance cameras through monitors placed in the reception,

          they shall monitor the adequate purpose of the movement of the subcontractors working in the Condominium, the utility fee collector, the postman. They may only let in external professionals based on prior requirement and permission, simultaneously registering their movement,

          if so required they have an informative role, informing the occupants whether the leisure services are available (occupied) or not,

          in case of any extraordinary event they shall act without delay, then they shall report the event promptly to the Condominium Representative,

          in the event of power outage, they ensure the entrance to the garage floors by manual movement of the roll up gate,

          if necessary, they shall assist in a professional way the work of the ambulance, the police and the fire fighters.

7.1.3. The recordings of the surveillance cameras placed in the residential building are stored by the security system for 15 days, then they shall be automatically deleted.

 The operation of the surveillance camera system is governed in detail by the Data Protection Bylaws of the Condominium.

7.1.4. The entrance through the garage gate, and the entrance from the parking floor to the residential building, and the entrance from the public areas around the Condominium to the residential building is ensured by a security card.

The occupants of the buildings have a security card that enables the opening of the garage gate and the entrance door of the residential real estate building used by the occupants.

If the card is lost, it can only be replaced against a payment of HUF 5,000.

The operation of the electronic keycard system is governed in detail by the Data Protection Bylaws of the Condominium.


Leisure areas in the building “A” at Szalag Street 30. may only be used by the occupants of the building “A” and by their guests.

In the leisure areas loud activities, or activities that may disturb the peace of the occupants cannot be conducted.

The leisure areas may be used on workdays between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., and on weekends and on public holidays between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.


9.1. In the residential buildings (in the apartments and in the areas and rooms in common property or in common use) noisy activities are prohibited, and all disturbance of the occupants shall be avoided.

Playing music in the stores is only allowed to an extent in conformity with the nature of the store and only in such form that it also must not disturb the peace of the occupants and the peaceful operation of other stores and offices. In the course thereof the legislation and regulatory provisions force shall be observed.

9.2. Television, radio, record player, video, and other audio-visual device, household appliances and machinery may be operated in a way that their sound shall not be heard from the outside of the apartment or store.

9.3. Occupants of the neighboring apartments and the Common Representative shall be informed 24 hours in advance of family and friend gatherings exceeding 7:00 p.m. and expected to come with more significant noises (dancing, singing). Gatherings under such circumstances shall be terminated also by 12:00 a.m..

9.4. Commercial and industrial activities generating noises in the apartments are prohibited.

For the order and peace of the residential building:

  1. a) noise-generating building and installation works may only be performed on workdays between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  2. b) noise-generating household devices (vacuum cleaner, etc.) may be used on Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
  3. c) clothing ventilation outside apartments, dusting, cleaning of household textiles, cleaning generating dust, shake out of duster through window may be conducted

– on workdays: between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

– on Saturdays: between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

9.5. Slamming doors and boisterousness shall be avoided on the corridor and in the staircase.

9.6. Works requiring immediate intervention due to life threatening jeopardy, and breakdown repair, based on official authorization or on the action or consent of the Common Representative may or shall be performed regardless of the time.

9.7. Singing and music lessons, practice

Singing and music lessons, practice – with the exception of ventilation in the breaks – may be conducted with the windows closed in the following times:

          on workdays: between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Operation of professional artists, bands, teachers in the residential building may be prohibited or the time above may be restricted by the municipality following the hearing of the opinion of the Common Representative.


10.1. The Janitor shall arrange the management, maintenance, and repair of the elevator. Availability shall be indicated in an adequate, apparent place.

10.2. In the passenger elevator, furniture and building material may be transported in the amount authorized by the Janitor. The person transporting with the elevator shall ensure the cleaning following the use of the elevator, and compensate the expenses of the repair of the damages resulting from the transportation.

10.3 The use of the elevator is the responsibility of the user.


11.1 Location

In the BASTION Residence Condominium parking stalls (Carpark) are accessible from building “A” at Szalag Street 30 and are located on the ground floor and the 1st floor of building “A”.

Every occupant shall only use the stall over which (s)he obtained ownership, or the stall (s)he is entitled to use based on the agreement concluded with the owner of the stall.

11.2 The operation of the Carpark

Through the coworkers of the Condominium the Common Representative is in charge of the following duties:

          With the assistance of security personnel and with the assistance of surveillance cameras supporting the watch keeping personal ensures the security of the garage floors.

          In the event of the loss (damage) of the identification card – by invalidating the former card – renders a new card in exchange for compensation.

          Continuously ensures the order and the cleanliness on the garage floors and on the exit lanes.

          Elaborates and maintains a traffic order which ensures fast and safe traffic in the course of the entrance to and the exit from the parking area.

          Ensures the undisturbed entrance from the street; promptly initiates the transportation of parking vehicles that obstruct or endanger the entrance from the street. The operators of such vehicles are liable for the transportation and shall bear the expenses thereof.

          If necessary or if help is required, the elimination of the obstacles experienced by the occupants as soon as possible.

11.3 The Rules of the Carpark

1)         Smoking and the use of open flame are strictly prohibited in the entire area of the indoor garage.

2)         The speed limit in the entire area of the carpark is 5 km/hour.

3)         Maximum height of the vehicle is 200 cm.

4)         Gas-powered vehicle shall not park on the garage floors!

5)         Only dipped beam may be used.

6)         Parking at the entrance and at the exit is prohibited even temporarily.

7)         The parking car shall park inside the lines drawn for indicating the parking lot and shall not overhang onto the driveway.

8)         The use of loud sound signal is prohibited.

9)         In the area of the carpark revving up the motors, screeching tires, slamming doors are prohibited.

10)       The owner of the vehicle is responsible for all damages caused by his/her own car.

11)       Storage or offloading of flammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited.

12)       The occupant using the stall is obliged to keep the stall clean and is responsible for the observation of fire protection rules.

13)       It is prohibited to wash polluted vehicles, to repair or to polish vehicles, and to change oil in vehicles.

14)       Littering in the parking lot is prohibited, waste collectors located near the stairs and the elevators must be used.

15)       The highway code applies to the entire area of the carpark

16)       The parking lots on the garage floors are not guarded. The Condominium shall not be liable for damages or losses in the parking or passing cars in the area of the parking lot, caused by a third party.

17)       Vehicles shall be parked into the stalls in a way that it must not hinder the parking into the neighboring stall and the exit therefrom.

18)       Vehicles parking in an irregular place – following warning – shall have been removed by the Common Representative. The owner of the vehicle is liable for the removal and bears the expenses thereof.

19)       In order to prevent accidents it is prohibited to touch cables or appliances in the parking lot.

20)       The doors of the carpark shall be locked at all times.

21)       The door of the carpark must not be used for entrance in person. During the parking one must ensure that no stranger enters the building. Presence of strangers in the garage floors must be promptly reported to the security service.

22)       In the event that due to the rising of the CO concentration the signal lamp lights up, or due to further rising the signal alarm goes off, the engine of the vehicle must be immediately turned off and the garage floor must be left promptly.

23) The persons entitled to enter the carpark (owner, tenant, user) can only enter the carpark or park in the carpark with the number of vehicles matching the number of parking lots they are entitled to use. The security personnel is to check the entitlement while entering the carpark and is obliged to deny and hinder vehicles over the entitled number entering the carpark. Vehicles parking without entitlement – following warning – shall have been removed by the Common Representative. The owner of the vehicle is liable for the removal and bears the expenses thereof.


12.1 All occupants and workers as well as the visitors or guests are obliged to protect the state, primarily, of the parts of the building and rooms that are subject to common use, and to protect the equipment from damages and deteriorations. The person causing the damage shall have full financial liability for the damages caused.

12.2 In the event that in connection of the building of the Condominium, any repair, maintenance or renewal works shall be necessary, the Common Representative shall notify the occupants of the house in advance by way of an announcement, in which the nature, the planned date and duration of such works shall be indicated, and also if the temporary interruption of any of the public utilities shall be expected.

12.3 Of the works effecting a smaller circle of apartments or part of the residential building the occupants concerned shall, without announcement, be notified directly from the Common Representative.

12.4 The prior notification shall not apply to works that require immediate intervention aiming to avoid life-threatening danger.


13.1 Placement of advertising equipment, neon sign advertising, flood light, show glass, company and address sign onto the wall of the BASTION Residence Condominium is subject to official authorization due to the fact that its surroundings are highly protected historical sites.

13.2 The uniform external and internal aspect of the building may not be altered by anyone without the consent of the General Meeting.

It is prohibited (both to the surfaces that are common property and the surfaces that are privately owned) to set a satellite aerial on the building of the Condominium.

It is prohibited to cover the balconies and terraces, or to change the color of external paintings.

Furniture and other objects may only be placed in the loggia or in the balcony in a way that it does not damage the view of the building.


It is prohibited to keep an animal at any parts of the common property area or in the commonly used areas of the Condominium.

In the privately owned areas and in the common areas that are exclusively used only such pets are allowed to be kept, which does not have a special need for movement (so-called room pets). The rules for keeping a room pet, the number of pets and the method of their keeping may be specified in regulatory provisions.

In addition to the compliance with the regulatory provisions the owner of the animal shall also ensure that the sound and odor effects that are entailed by the animal may not disturb or influence the life of other occupants. Due to hygienic reasons animals that are not house-trained may only be kept in an adequate device (kennel, terrarium, aquarium, etc.) for the keeping.

The owner or the caretaker of the animal is also obliged to ensure that the animal may not disturb the peace of the other occupants.

In the leisure area it is prohibited to keep or to walk the animal.

In the common area or other private area used by another owner, the owner or the caretaker of the animal that causes pollution, dirt, or damage is obliged to clean promptly the pollution or the dirt or compensate the damage. In the event that the owner or the caretaker of the animal shall not clean the pollution caused even after an oral warning, the Condominium shall do that at the expense of the owner of the animal.

It is prohibited to keep an animal which may be dangerous to the other occupants or to the integrity of the commonly or privately owned properties.

Birds shall be kept and fed in such a manner only that it shall not result in the pollution of the loggia, balcony, terrace, window ledges of the apartment of others or the areas of the building that are for common use.


In the event that someone, by infringing the present House Rules, causes damage in the common property or in the privately owned property or in other person or in a third person’s property or otherwise willfully or negligently causes damage, (s)he shall be obliged to compensate it promptly and shall take all possible measures to mitigate the damages. The person causing the damage – in case of a minor his/her caretaker or his/her authorized representative – shall compensate the damages according to the Hungarian Civil Code. Upon the initiative of the co-proprietors the Condominium shall take actions against the persons damaging the common property.

The Common Representative calls upon the persons infringing the House Rules to terminate such action and compensate the damages. The Common Representative also specifies the sanctions. The person defying the action of the Common Representative may apply with his/her complaint to the General Meeting.


The majority shareholder of the BASTION Residence Condominium is the BASTION Residence Kft., which owns and rents out 30 apartments, 8 stores, 67 parking stalls and the storage areas. It operates its privately owned real estates as serviced apartments.

The House Rules of the BASTION Residence Condominium, with the differences and completions specified under this section, also applies to the tenants and the occupants of the BASTION Residence Kft.

The requirements of the tenants and the occupants, and the complaints and comments of the owners against tenants and the occupants are managed by the Residence Manager employed by the BASTION Residence Kft.. With all problems and comments the Residence Manager should be contacted. The Residence Manager is available on workdays on phone between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., and in person between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. in the manager office. Beyond these time frames the Residence Manager is available via e-mail.

The tenants and the occupants

  • may not make any modifications in the rented apartments without the prior written consent of the owner of the apartment;
  • may not place pictures on the walls by nail or screw and may not make any permanent modifications. (With such requirements the tenants shall contact the Residence Manager.)
  • are financially liable for the equipment in the rental estates;
  • accept that the apartments and the stores are non-smoking areas; (For the infringement of the smoking prohibition the BASTION Residence Kft. is entitled to claim as punitive damages an amount of € 500.)
  • may not give instructions directly to the janitor, the cleaner, the security guard. All requirements shall be communicated to the Residence Manager, who manages the completion of the requirements of the tenants or the occupants.

In the event that the tenant or the occupant infringes the provisions of the House Rules,

  • and shall fail to cease the infringing conduct or actions, in case of a one-time (single) infringement, following the second written warning;
  • in case of a recurrent or permanent or various (multiple) infringement following the third infringement

the BASTION Residence Kft. shall terminate the rental contract effective immediately.


The Common Representative shall ensure that the House Rules is available to all occupants.

In the event that the owners concede the usage of their apartment or rooms for non-residential purposes to another person, they shall call the attention of this person to the observation of the House Rules.

The Common Representative shall place a copy of the House Rules at the watch-post of the security service.

In the event of the modification of the House Rules the Common Representative ensures to send the modified provisions to all occupants.